Continuous Scheduling

A routing planning and job allocation API providing live and continuous optimisation, for responsive planned and on-demand deliveries and services.

  • SOLO routes jobs as they are placed, ensuring ongoing optimisation based on the most current real-time resource position and job status.
  • SOLO delivers rapid turnaround times on schedule changes and the ability to re-optimise the entire schedule.
  • SOLO works with little manual operation, giving optimised routes for package delivery and service jobs , letting users focus on precision execution.
  • SOLO is an API it can be integrated into your existing operation software with minimal disruption and you can leverage the benefits of route optimisation without the need for rolling out new systems.


Increased Utilisation: Scheduling decreases the need for extra resources.

Reduced Costs: Fewer vehicles, less kilometres driven, better capacity utilisation.

On Demand Scheduling : Quickly respond to new customer orders or making required changes to existing customer’s jobs.

Always Best-In-Class Routing: Web-based API allows constant improvements with no changes on the customer side.


Schedule on-the-go or batch optimisation: Add jobs on-the-fly or optimise for all available jobs within SOLO.

Foundation of success: Use our standard front-end or design custom solutions, interfaces and online services around the API. SOLO aids companies with rigid and complex infrastructures to add real-time routing capabilities, updated constantly in the background, with minimal impact.

Manage your routes: SOLO provides real-time execution of routes so you can get a comparison between planned vs actual activity, live vehicle positions, current ETAs and more.

Dynamic Slot Bookings: Quickly capture client’s desired arrival times and reschedule