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Route Scheduling & Planning

Route scheduling allows you to take a wide variety of orders and locations and effectively plan an optimised way of delivering those orders to those locations, reducing travel times, fuel consumption and late deliveries.


Sales & Territory Planning

Battling to grow your client base? Feel your sales staff is underperforming? Sales and territory planning can help your organisation effectively service your existing client base while identifying sales opportunities.


Supply Chain Consulting

Distribution can be complex, and understanding every facet of your operations can be a daunting task without professional assistance. OPSI Consultants are highly-educated experts with extensive practical experience who can improve business visibility and improve operational efficiency.


Fleet Optimisation

The choice of your vehicle fleet has the greatest effect on your bottom line – capital outlay, maintenance costs and insurance can become cumbersome if your fleet isn’t fully utilised. We can help you determine your vehicle utilisation and capacity while providing a long-term plan for expansion.

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Financial Administration

A complex tariff structure and extensive haulier agreements can assist you in reducing the cost of delivery to your clients – OPSI Systems provides a system for detailed tariff modelling, contract management, ERP integration and automated haulier allocation.


Tracking & Comparison

Integration with major tracking systems gives you visibility into where your vehicle is at all times – but what about where your vehicle isn’t? Quickly compare the scheduled loads, ETAs, delivery routes and vehicle with the actual actions performed for improved schedule adherence.


Hosted Planning Solutions

PlanForge is OPSI's hosted planning solution for offsite planning and increased visibility of orders and schedules between companies, hauliers and customers. PlanForge utilises OPSI's existing software engines to offer a full transport planning solution with financial administration.


Continuous Scheduling

A routing planning and job allocation API providing live and continuous optimisation, for responsive planned and on-demand deliveries and services.


»About OPSI Systems

OPSI Systems provides software solutions and consulting for transport planning and optimisation, encompassing scheduling, routing, management and auditing of vehicle fleets with GPS tracking. OPSI Systems’ products are currently optimising all aspects of vehicle logistics for companies in the small, medium and enterprise space: from FMCG to courier, from dedicated fleets to outsourced operations. OPSI Systems’ suite has helped companies to reduce their costs, improve efficiency and optimise their supply chain.

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