Tariff and Contract Management

An advanced information management and financial administration system for the logistics environment for PLATO.

  • PLATO.Transact collects high volumes of orders from various external systems - scheduling, planning, forecasting and replenishment - and assign them correctly to the most appropriate haulier based on contractual or cost considerations.
  • PLATO.Transact manages client- and haulier-specific information, contract and tariff management, along with detailed auditing and reports that track every order assignment in a secure environment.
  • A detailed tariff modelling system allows you to generate custom contracts based on transactional tariffs, date-specific tariffs, flat and variable rates, planned versus actual quantities and more.
  • PLATO.Transact requires PLATO.


Detailed Tariff Modelling: Never worry about how to represent a charge or rate - an extensive list of tariff types allows you to model for every scenario.

Reduce Costs: PLATO.Transact automatically manages and applies tariffs, rates and charges, improving your cash flow and reducing outstanding invoicing.

Order Management: Unify your ERP, forecasting and vehicle dispatch into a single location for improved control and sequencing of orders.

Automatic Document Generation: Automatically generate invoices, purchase orders, reports, loading sheets and other documentation.


Geographic- and Client-Specific Information: Delivery windows, loading and offloading details, geocoded client locations, goods value, order priority - just a few of the variables tracked by PLATO.Transact for full control over your transport and financial environment.

Online Connectivity: Can be linked with an online portal for increased interaction with your hauliers and transporters.

Multi-user environment: PLATO.Transact leverages off the multi-user security roles of PLATO, logging user activity on transport vouchers, service requests and other transactions.

Automatic Trip Allocation: ATRAM is PLATO.Transact's optional module that automatically assigns trips to the best haulier, ensuring deliveries are optimised.

Detailed optimisation: Utilising a comprehensive class system to control vehicle, site and product characteristics and a host of optimisations, PLATO accurately simulates the distribution environments