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Angular Developer

Job Description

We are looking for a person who is passionate about slick, smooth UX and software development. The successful candidate will join a team of developers, creating an exciting new application complementing an existing software suite. We will stretch your skills in designing, creating, and delivering well-tested backend engines to do some number-crunching and heavy lifting that deliver a rich user experience and business value to our clients. You will assist in the strategic and day-to-day leadership of the team

Consider the following questions, and if you can answer yes to these and meet our required qualifications, skills and experience, we'd like to hear from you!

  • Are you interested in applying your C# or similar OO programming language experience?
  • Do you understand what O(nlogn) means?
  • Do you know where to use a linked-list vs a dictionary?
  • Do you know how to handle multiple browsers/devices?
  • Can you deal with large datasets (n > 1,000,000,000 records) efficiently?
Job Requirements

  • Development, debugging and testing of frontends for our applications
  • Designing software solutions
  • Mentoring and managing junior developers
  • Reviewing PRs and providing suitable feedback
  • Specification and requirements elicitation
  • Allocation of development responsibilities to junior staff

Recommended Skills & Experience
  • A BSc, Software Engineering or equivalent degree would help but is not essential
  • 3+ years’ experience in Angular 9+ with native web dev (JS, HTML and CSS)
  • 5+ years’ experience in software development
  • Experience in object-oriented design and programming
  • Excellent understanding of algorithms, algorithm complexity and data structures
  • Strong knowledge on data stores, database design, data modelling and queries
  • Strong understanding of modern architectural and software design principles and software implementation patterns
  • High level of competency in software solution design
  • Knowledgeable about front-end to back-end integration patterns
  • Proficiency in solving complex production issues
  • Ability to work well in a high-pressure environment
  • Proficiency with NoSQL Databases - particularly MongoDB
  • Mentoring and managing junior developers as well as reviewing PRs, etc

To be negotiated

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