Is the depreciation and maintenance of your fleet outstripping your profits? Would you like to decrease the costs of empty haulage and external haulier rates? Would you like to grow your client base without have to source additional vehicles and still meet the tight delivery deadlines dairy products demand?

OPSI Systems understands the tight profit margins dairy transporters operate under, and have successfully utilised their software in increasing that margin. Our consulting arm has provided dairy transporters insight into their transport operations.

PLATO and FLO can refine transport routes and fleets in both primary and secondary environments. PLATO.Transact provides an in-depth haulier, tariff and contract management system that can automatically assign required trips to the most optimal haulier, while our PLATO.Connect web platforms keeps hauliers, suppliers and clients informed with regards to deliveries and potential loads through a single online interface.

»Key Advantages

  • Decrease empty haulage on your fleet while reducing the need for external hauliers
  • Identify better back-haul possibilities for your fleet
  • Create optimal routes and schedules which follow the tight delivery deadlines the dairy sector requires
  • Provide visibility into your operations for faster response times, giving you the edge in a competitive sector