Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Do you struggle with poor visibility at your construction sites? Are you hiring more external vehicles outside of your own fleet than is necessary? Are you underestimating building materials and holding up construction on critical sites?

OPSI Systems understands the volatile nature of the building and construction industry, and our software provides practical solutions to their specific needs.

OPSI Systems has designed unique applications and middleware specifically for the cement industry which have allowed for the dynamic allocation of loads and updating of delivery slots from orders, ensuring you always have a realistic expectation of delivery times.

PLATO and FLO provide improved visibility on construction sites, ensuring that available fleets are fully utilised before bringing in external hauliers, while SMS notifications can update clients about the status of their orders.

»Key Advantages

    • Improve fleet visibility and reduce the number of vehicles required from external hauliers
    • Tightly integrate ad-hoc orders with your existing routing and scheduling process for improved ETAs and fleet utilisation
    • Reduce the amount of planning time for daily transport routes and schedules through a dynamic, automatic scheduling process
    • Excessive external haulier costs can be quickly identified and reduced through detailed reports