Do you find it difficult to deliver beverages to both your large retail operations clients and smaller customers without underutilising your vehicles? Are stringent delivery times preventing you from meeting deadlines? Is your customer satisfaction low due to late deliveries, incorrect orders and infrequent visits from your sales and merchandising staff?

OPSI Systems has extensive experience in route and fleet optimisation for the world’s largest beverage companies. PLATO is ideal for primary distribution between depots, where you can model trailers, drop-shunting, shift-changes, and delivery windows.

OPSI offers you a means to tie your deliveries to your production cycle, stock levels, sales forecasts and delivery schedules into one integrated system. Both FLO and PLATO have assisted beverage producers in creating efficient master routes, rep routes and dynamic schedules that can be altered on the fly automatically.

»Key Advantages

    • Reduce empty haulage between your depots and reduce costs through accurate modeling of drop-shunting, trailers and shifts
    • Improve customer satisfaction through improved delivery times and client interaction
    • Greatly reduce fleet utilisation for vending and once-off deliveries
    • Minimise the impact of a new customers through automatically generated routes and schedules